Volusion Features and Comparison Review with other Ecommerce Shopping Cart

As we all know, a huge number of online Ecommerce shopping carts are available and most of the time it becomes difficult for us to find the right one according to our requirements and business plans. Volusion is one of the popular and largest Ecommerce shopping carts and this article will help you to know about Volusion features and comparison review in detail with the other popular Ecommerce shopping carts.

Volusion Overview:

Kevin Sproles was the founder of Volusion and he founded it in his bedroom, now Volusion is serving over 40 stores and has grown to around 500 employees. They are serving everyone from Ecommerce neophytes to so many big names like 3M, Intel, the Chicago Tribune and National Geographic. They have their total funding with over $90 Million and they are still continuing to expand more. Since 1999, Volusion based out of Austin, Texan and operating, it is fully cloud-based Ecommerce shopping cart.

Volusion features and comparison Review will make you know more about Volition’s popular all-in-one features. They are offering, building a website, checkout, the ability to manage inventory and add products, order management, payment processing, newsletters, customer management and many more.

Volusion Pricing Review:

Its pricing detail will make you feel a big difference between Volusion features and Comparison review with other popular Ecommerce Shopping carts. All the plans offered by Volusion come with a fully functional 14-day trial in which no credit card is required. They also have no cancellation fees and no setup fees either. Monthly subscriptions of Volusion pricing plans are given below, but you will receive 10% discount if you opt to pay annually.

Mini Pricing Plan: It costs only $15 per month with 100 products availability and unlimited storage. They are available 24/7 with online support. They have no transaction fees and they also offer Facebook store, free templates, mobile store and social media tools.

–    Plus Pricing Plan: It costs $35 per month with 1000 products availability and unlimited storage. No transaction fees require and they support 24/7 with fully online and phone support. They also offer free templates, Facebook store, mobile store, abandoned cart reports, social media tools, newsletters, rating and reviews.

–    Pro Pricing Plan: This plan cost $75 per month with unlimited storage and 10,000 products availability. No transition fee is required in this plan and they are available 24/7 with the online priority and phone support. They also offer eBay and Amazon integration, CRM and API access in this package.

Volusion’s Web Design:

The web design of Volusion is also very unique and attractive, most of all it is designed in such way that you feel free while using it. It web design allows you to see the difference between Volusion Features and comparison review with other Ecommerce shopping carts. They offer nearly 120 templates free to choose from. Among all, 23 of them are device responsive which means they automatically detect the size of your screen. If you are using tablet, phone or desktop, these templates can detect the screen size automatically and set the display accordingly. Apart from free templates, you can purchase a premium one and these range from $50 to $900. These are some features that make Volusion different and compatible as compare to other Ecommerce shopping carts.


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