SHOPIFY POS REVIEW, Shopify POS, an eCommerce fixture is offering an option-laden web template to the burgeoning merchants. With a godfather deal, Shopify POS recently entered into the tablet space which link to your store with your online sales. It has been estimated by Shopify POS Review that it is one of the powerful online retail platforms with the addition of storefront point-of-sale that expands their potential demographic.

The highlights of Shopify POS Review include, it is reasonable priced, it is convenient to use, it has an excellent customer service, it contains CRM features and Robust reporting, it has sleek interface and it syncs instantly with the Shopify eCommerce.

Shopify POS Overview:

SHOPIFY POS REVIEW, Since 2005, Shopify POS has been a major player in the eCommerce industry and is also considered as one of the most popular online sales platforms. The business founders Scott Lake, Daniel Weinand and Tobias Lutke decided to branch out Shopify into the world of brick-and-mortar retail in 2013 though the company owned its initial success to online sales SHOPIFY POS REVIEW,. No one was surprised in light of Shopify overall achievements that they wanted to stake a claim in the market of POS as well. Shopify already had a huge pool of existing clients, but the POS add-on would contain a potential to reach thousands of further new clients so the step made perfect sense.

Shopify POS Review, offer their users an intuitive design, a reasonable and convenient pricing structure and a throughout customer support system. This app is easy to step-up, easy to navigate and friendly user. On an existing retail website Shopify POS, SHOPIFY POS REVIEW  syncs automatically and can be sold alone. It selection of features is great that allows you manually adding photos and products and to do anything from uploading to managing inventory SHOPIFY POS REVIEW. You can also use it to create gift cards, to export reports, mailing lists and managing customers, to accept multiple tenders and payments and also managing your staff accounts.

Shopify POS Review About Pricing:

Shopify POS Review related to pricing contains three plan that is a basic plan, professional plan and unlimited plan.

–    Basic Pricing Plan: The basic pricing plan of Shopify POS is $9 per month with the unlimited products. It offers in-person credit card rate of 2.7% + 0ḉ. It has no transaction fees and allows unlimited devices and it support 24/7. SHOPIFY POS REVIEW

–    Professional Pricing Plan: Shopify POS Review related to professional pricing plan is that it costs only $59 per month and with the in-person credit card rate of 2.4% + 0ḉ. It has no transaction fees and it allows unlimited products and unlimited devices in this plan SHOPIFY POS REVIEW. It supports 24/7 and also provides professional reports and gift cards.

SHOPIFY POS REVIEW Unlimited Pricing Plan: Shopify POS unlimited pricing plan is a bit costly from other plans, but it also contains unlimited features. It costs $159 per month with the in-person credit card rate of 2.15% + 0ḉ. It has o transaction fees like all other plans and it also allows unlimited products and unlimited devices to use like others SHOPIFY POS REVIEW. It support 24/7 and gives some additional features to their users like gift cards, advance report builder and professional reports making.

A 14 day free trial period is offered by Shopify POS and no credit card is required for the trial period.

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