Ruby on Rails Consulting

Our company started as a Ruby on Rails Consulting back in 2008 with a goal of providing best solutions in the market. Couple of years later, some other people joined as a partner, and the journey started.

We have evolved with Ruby on Rails Consulting

Our company has changed over the years and evolved a good ruby on rails consulting. From two teams arrived dozen programmers and we are growing in silence. We have our share of successes and failures, and we are now starting to take advantage of the experience over the years.

In the days of ingestion of JavaScript in the world, also we gave us a jump in this field. Ruby on Rails is more and more often serves as a back-end API endpoint for JavaScript interfaces and mobile applications we develop, but it is quite a strong platform that we love working with him. We have been giving back to the community.

Our company’s account clearly shows how much we have contributed to the community. Our company has free on Web applications and open source libraries and many worked (including Ruby on Rails Consulting itself) hero, internships and group meetings organized local Ruby user.

Our process of ruby on rails consulting

Our company works in best Agile methods based on the Scrum methodology. This gives our customers the freedom to choose and develop their projects and allows us to deliver reliable and verifiable estimates. If you come to us with your project, first work on his idea and create an overall assessment of the time and the project budget. Our developers offer software modules work in the ranks, and additional detailed tenders for new and updated requirements.

Quality of Work for Ruby on Rails Consulting

We use automatic and manual testing and code review process. Our development process includes a mandatory code reviews, metrics only if all tests passed climate controls, CI build system and automatic conversion to Green Code.

Ruby on Rails Consulting Process

Ruby on rails consulting process is a very lethal process and working with a team of ruby on rails consulting process is concerned, it is his team, and has a direct and permanent access to developers with different communication channels. We keep our HipChat vs Slack space open discussion, we use Hangouts or Skype calls daily stand-up, planning and retrospective meetings. If you (or we) feel it takes a little work in the hotel, we were happy to fix.

Ruby on rails consulting transparency

You have complete access to Pivotal Tracker, where we monitor the progress. Our production systems are working 24/7 and build tools to see updates several times a day to provide for you. We are pleased to offer access to the source code from the beginning, so you can check the technical quality of our work. Our team of developers (ruby on rails consulting) also tracks the time for each function of the system expended, so that they know who, when and how long you work on your project.

Technology & Architecture of Ruby on Rails Consultancy

We believe it is always important to choose the best tool for the job. Usually they adhere to Ruby on backend and JavaScript or native applications on the client side. However, we evaluate individual case, battery technology and selected as needed. Our toolbox includes, but is not limited to: Ruby on rails consulting, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Objective-C, HTML5, Ember angular frames, and JavaScript Ruby on Rails Consulting. Our engineers design the friendliest architecture of the application and make sure it is scaled correctly in the cloud or dedicated hardware.

Our Team

Ruby on Rails Consulting.Our team is not a huge one but highly qualified. We share an office and solve problems, application modules or to discuss design solutions in a very old-fashioned, in situ facilities offline. This helps us to use the skills of our employees where we need it very quickly. We are and always will be a group of happy programmer with which you can work.

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