There are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to starting your own online store. It is one of the most confusing parts that which Ecommerce platform is the suitable choice for you to choose as to start-up your own small business. For the Ecommerce Platforms, there are two major categories one is self-hosted and other is hosted.

In the hosted Ecommerce platforms the company will host your store and in the self-hosted platform, you have to get your own, they will only provide you with the software. This is the main difference between these two categories.

Hosted versions are more suitable for stability purposes. The only downside of hosted version is that they cost some monthly charges and you have to pay that fee to avail them. In some packages or plans, charges can be pretty high. The best choices for hosted version of Ecommerce platforms are Shopify, Volusion, and BigCommerce. These three hosted Ecommerce platform are one of the very popular and most known platforms for.

Shopify is one of the most known and popular Ecommerce platform. They have some limitations, but their user interface of admin panel is simply amazing. Add-on apps are one of the awesome features of Shopify in which you can easily install or download on your store which further introduces new functionality and extends the default. Shopify offer some plans or packages that start from $29 per month. You will only have to pay the standard which is 2.9 percent including 30 cent rate if you use their credit card processor ECOMMERCE PLATFORM. Their per-transaction fees become lower if you upgrade to higher plans.

The only downside of Shopify is the limited ability to change its checkout page. You only have a minor control over it so you cannot exactly design your checkout page as you want. ECOMMERCE PLATFORM

Volusion: –

Volusion is the similar well known Ecommerce platform like Shopify, but it is hundred times less customizable as compared to Shopify. The entire website is generated using just one main template file for the starters. Volusion pricing plans or packages cost less as compared to Shopify as it starts from $15 per month and that is fifty percent cheaper as compare to Shopify ECOMMERCE PLATFORM.

BigCommerce: –

ECOMMERCE PLATFORM BigCommerce is another popular hosted category of Ecommerce platforms like Volusion and Shopify. It lacks the total control of Shopify, but you can customize it slightly. In its built-in functionalities, it seems like you can implement Product feed and Google Trusted stores.

In the user interface admin panel area, ECOMMERCE PLATFORM BigCommerce is better than Volusion because it is much easier to navigate and looks a lot cleaner. Pricing plans of BigCommerce start from $29.95 per month but with this amount you further have to pay 1.5 percent transaction fee and the credit card processing charges also. In other words, while making sales you could quickly find yourself losing money.

Among all these three hosted versions of Ecommerce platforms; Shopify is the best one without any doubt.

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