Shopify is one of the most known and successfully running Ecommerce software which includes everything you need to setup your own online store and sell the products online. In order to log into the administration use your staff account and from there you can easily build your own Ecommerce website. Few things you have to do in order to build your own Ecommerce website is given below: Manage your Inventory and then add Products:

In order to build your own Ecommerce website inventory, add products you wanted to sell upload their pictures and also set their stock levels.

  • Add images of product: Upload the images of your product. You don’t need to be worry about optimization and sizing because a website can do it itself.
  • Description and Detail of Products: After uploading the images of product write the description and detail of every product like the product’s size, weight, manufacturer, color and many more.
  • Manage your Inventory: The inventory editor which is combined with Shopify’s order tracker automatically manages your inventory.
  • Your Inventory bulk import: One at a time you can add your products or you can bulk import all products from CSV file, Excel, eBay or from Magento.


Organizing the Products into Categories

On your Ecommerce web site organize your products into different categories called collections like in the “clothing” section you could put all the sweaters and t-shirts while also put same t-shirts in the “sales” collection. By using smart collections, you can also organize your products in an effective way. If you can create smart collection than it automatically gathers all products under $20. This smart collection can be shown as “Gift Ideas” to your customers.

Content management System at your Ecommerce Website:

Every Ecommerce website comes with a Content Management system in which you have to create blog posts and web pages for your website.

  • Create new and attractive web pages: First thing you have to do in a content management system of your Ecommerce website is to create new and attractive web pages.
  • Create Blogs for your website: Shopify has built-in blog software that helps you to import an existing WordPress blog to Shopify or to create a new blog. The creating blog is a great and effective marketing and sales tool for Ecommerce websites.

Between the customer and seller, a website is the first interface so create or design your website in an attractive way and it should be handled easily so that it can be worked upon by customers without any confusion or hassles. A selection of creative templates, rich visual effects is very important as a good design is a great way to communicate with customers.

Best known Ecommerce Websites:

Here are some most popular and well known Ecommerce websites are given below that are very popular because of their unique and attractive web design. These popular Ecommerce websites are Reebok E-Commerce, Kipling Brazil, Spyder E-Commerce, Tatchies, Oak Street, Discover Sony Store, Noon Style, The Cassette E-Commerce, Hunter’s Wine Shop, Luhsetea, X-doria, etc. These all are the best-known examples of Ecommerce Websites.


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